Liquid Diamonds

About Us

Liquid Diamonds has developed a patent-protected technology to power a global, liquid market for both wholesale and investment diamonds. Brokerage houses would like to offer diamonds as an alternative first-line investment through a single global diamond trading exchange, with diamond ETFs, diamond futures and diamond options. But, existing market mechanics for exchanges only work when the items being traded are identical/fungible, e.g. shares of stock or ounces of gold. Diamonds are neither identical nor fungible, and cannot reasonably be traded as though they are -- hence such a market for diamonds has been impossible until now. Our patented technology enables the benefits of a commodity exchange, without forcing a diamond to be interchangeable with any other. We are combining our revolutionary trading technology with deep knowledge & connections within the industry, and providing a full gamut of clearing & settlement services.

About Us

Liquid Diamonds' unique marketplace makes demand visible: buyers compete openly on price for each alternative they are willing to buy. With many bids present all the time, harvest your best deals in the market at any time.

Wholesale Buyers

Easily find and bid on many alternatives for the same purchase, at the same time, at different prices. Sellers compete openly for your business, ensuring you get the best value every time. Or, just find and buy the best value in the market fitting your needs at any time.

Diamond Investors

Use our wholesale market as source and sink for diamonds in your portfolio. Price transparency and analytics never seen before let you trade with confidence and provide the liquidity needed for diamonds to emerge as a genuine asset class.





Our Team

Our closely knit team sports a balance of technology and business development skills. We combine this with our unique IP, deep connections within the diamond industry, and -- foremost -- our passion for revolutionizing the diamond market.